Module 6.1
  إظهار بيانات الطالب   إظهار التعليمات   تغيير اتجاه الصفحة

رقم السؤال: 1           درجة السؤال: 1
 Increasing the field current
 Increasing the armature current
 Decreasing the load current
 Decreasing the field current
رقم السؤال: 2           درجة السؤال: 1
رقم السؤال: 3           درجة السؤال: 1
 Armature emf and armature speed
 Armature current and armature emf
  Armature speed and armature current
  Armature speed and armature emf
رقم السؤال: 4           درجة السؤال: 1
رقم السؤال: 5           درجة السؤال: 1
 Speed will reduce
 Speed will remain almost constant
 Speed will increase in proportion to reduction in load
 Speed will increase abruptly
رقم السؤال: 6           درجة السؤال: 1
 series wound
  capacitor start
 separately excited
 shunt wound
رقم السؤال: 7           درجة السؤال: 1
 motor is not connected to the ground
 power failure or power disconnected
 brushes in poor contact with commutator
 circuit breaker tripped or fuse blows due to overloading or short circuit
رقم السؤال: 8           درجة السؤال: 1
رقم السؤال: 9           درجة السؤال: 1
 Either DC or AC
 Neither DC or AC
رقم السؤال: 10           درجة السؤال: 1
 Brushes should be of proper grade, size and material
 Brushes should smoothly run in the holders
 Smooth, concentric commutator properly undercut
 Brushes should be of proper grade, size, material, run smoothly in the holders and concentric commutator properly undercut


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