Reservoir Lab Quiz
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رقم السؤال: 1           درجة السؤال: 1
When we know the core cleaned completely? 
 when the solvent color change
 when the core appears clean
 when the fluid collected in collection champer
رقم السؤال: 2           درجة السؤال: 2
how many type of ball used in falling ball viscometer experiment?
 5 types
 3 types
 2 types
 1 type
رقم السؤال: 3           درجة السؤال: 2
In which angle degree the apparatus designee?

 no one above
رقم السؤال: 4           درجة السؤال: 2
Why we use the mesh holder in core cleaning experiment? 
 To prevent the core contact with device
 To prevent the core from the contamination
 To get good cleaning
 To filtrate the fluids
رقم السؤال: 5           درجة السؤال: 3
What is the solvent which used in core cleaning experiment?
رقم السؤال: 6           درجة السؤال: 2
Can we measure the viscosity in different temperature ?
رقم السؤال: 7           درجة السؤال: 3
What is the principle of falling ball experiment?
 depending on travelling time of ball from the top to bottom
 depending on travelling time of ball from the top to bottom and the density of fluid
 depending on density and specific gravity of fluids


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